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TheWrencher.com has been providing unbiased and in-depth reviews and guides to impact wrench buyer from all over the world since January 2014, helping them make an educated buying desicion. Over the past one year, we have published reviews for the best impact wrenches from the leading power tool brands and various buying guides.

Our reviews always have a statistical analysis approach. While publishing an impact wrench review, we not only judge the tool from our own experiences but also factor in the experiences of hundreds of users across the globe. This helps us in normalizing the feedback for each impact wrench and give it the rating it actually is worthy of. Although your individual expereinces may vary in some cases based on a host of different factors.

Our reviews focus on analyzing an impact wrench based on its power, design, ergonomics, ease of use and most of all, its price. We aim to publish at least one review per month and also encourage our readers to submit their own unbiased reviews and share their feedback on existing reviews. It will only help others make an educated buying decision, which is the biggest motivation behind TheWrencher.com's existence. 

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